Our History

Our History

Every day is an adventure

From a single pot pie to a million meals a day.

October 2015

Amy's takes home the Rodale Institutes's Organic Pioneer award.

The Berliners were using organic ingredients before organic was a national certification. In the beginning, organic vegetables were hard to find. So Andy and Rachel worked with local farmers to get the ingredients they needed. Together, they helped pioneer the organic food industry. In 2015, Amy’s Kitchen won the prestigious Rodale Institute’s Organic Pioneer Award for leading the movement towards an organic planet. They proudly share this award with all of the farmers they’ve worked with, many since the very beginning.

January 2016

Thirty years, thirty countries

After nearly 30 years, Amy’s Kitchen sells more than 250 different products in 30 countries around the world, and Rachel still reads letters that consumers send our way.

April 2016

A new generation is born.

On April 5th, 2016, Andy and Rachel became grandparents and Amy, a mother, as she and her husband Jace welcomed their son, Malachi, into the world.

February 2017

Looking to the future

The Berliners are continually looking ahead for ways to increase sustainability. That’s why Rachel and Andy plan to open the first East Coast kitchen in Goshen, New York. This future kitchen will serve the East Coast markets and surrounding areas, reducing the travel time for Amy’s food while supporting the spread of organic farming.